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Turning Point Summit 2023

Turning Point Summit 2023 will be held on the 7th - 10th December 2023, Marking the 75th Anniversary of the

Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly on the 10th December 1948.

Inspiring Visions and Real-life Stories: Keynotes and Case Studies illuminating the Power of Nonviolence


  • Increased knowledge and awareness of successful nonviolent movements and their impact.

  • Inspiration and motivation for participants to adopt nonviolent approaches in their own efforts for social change.

  • Identification of key principles and strategies for effective nonviolent action.


Unleashing Change: Empowering Communities through Nonviolence and Social Transformation | Workshop on Nonviolence


  • Enhanced understanding of nonviolence as a practical tool for conflict resolution and social transformation.

  • Acquisition of practical skills and strategies for implementing nonviolent approaches in various contexts.

  • Increased confidence and empowerment among participants to actively engage in nonviolent actions.


Youth Empowerment: Forging a Nonviolent Vision for a Harmonious World in the 21st Century | Youth Consultation 1


  • Creation of a shared vision for a nonviolent world among youth participants.

  • Identification of key issues and challenges that need to be addressed to achieve a nonviolent world.

  • Formation of networks and collaborations among young leaders committed to promoting nonviolence.


Nurturing Nonviolence: Engaging School Students in Teaching Peace and Compassion | Youth Consultation 2


  • Awareness among school students about the importance of nonviolence as a core value.

  • Generation of ideas and recommendations for integrating nonviolence education into school curricula.

  • Empowerment of students to become advocates for nonviolence in their schools and communities.


Artistic Expressions for a Peaceful World: Harnessing Creativity to Inspire Nonviolent Action


  • Inspiration and emotional connection with the concept of peace and nonviolence through artistic expressions.

  • Promotion of cultural understanding and empathy among participants.

  • Amplification of the message of nonviolence through creative and engaging performances.


Bridging Generations: Dialogue for Intergenerational Collaboration in Building a Peaceful Future | Intergenerational Dialogue


  • Enhanced understanding and appreciation of different perspectives between generations.

  • Identification of common ground and shared goals for intergenerational collaboration.

  • Creation of action plans for joint initiatives that promote peace and nonviolence.


Youth Leading the Way: Strengthening Civil Society Institutions through Empowered Leadership | Civil Society Forum


  • Recognition of the vital role of youth in civil society institutions and their potential for leadership.

  • Development of strategies to empower and involve youth in decision-making processes within civil society organizations.

  • Strengthening of collaborations between youth-led initiatives and established civil society institutions.


Transforming Education: Advocating for Nonviolence Curriculum Reforms in Universities and Schools | Education Forum


  • Advocacy for the inclusion of nonviolence curriculum in educational institutions.

  • Identification of effective methods for integrating nonviolence education across different academic disciplines.

  • Building support and commitment from educational stakeholders to implement nonviolence reforms.


Human Rights in the 21st Century: Rethinking Governance and Nonviolent Approaches | Governance & Leadership Forum


  • Critical analysis of the challenges and opportunities for promoting human rights in the modern era.

  • Recommendations for governments and policymakers to strengthen human rights protections through nonviolent means.

  • Increased awareness among participants of their roles as advocates for human rights and nonviolence.


Collaboration for Change: Uniting Forces for Nonviolent Social Transformation | Collaborations Forum


  • Creation of partnerships and networks among diverse stakeholders committed to nonviolent social change.

  • Exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices for effective collaboration.

  • Development of joint projects and initiatives to address social issues through nonviolent means.

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