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Turning Point Summit
Marking the International Day of Nonviolence & Gandhi Jayanti
2nd - 7th October 2022

Hosted by The World House Project - Youth Working Group, Stanford University & The Dais

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The Turning Point Summit 2022

Who can apply?

Youth Participants

  • Age - The applicant should be of the age group 16-32

  • The participant has to fill the entire form and submit the application within the prescribed dates.

  • All the Applicant Workshops and Meetings for Working Groups are compulsory to attend.

  • The participant has to work on an idea as a personal commitment towards taking an action post the event.



  • Observer will have access to specific and prescribed sessions during the Summit.

  • Observer Members can be youth, academicians, civil society leaders and any individual aligned with the values of the summit.

  • After each session Observer Members wanting to provide comments will be given a follow-up form to do so, which has to be submitted in the prescribed time.

The World House Project

The World House Project seeks to realize Martin Luther King, Jr.’s vision of the world as a large house in which "we must learn somehow to live with each other in peace.” We combine educating on human rights and nonviolence with building an active global network. Through education and the network, The World House Project provides the world with empowering resources and strategies that engender solidarity among all peoples to realize King’s vision.

Youth Working Group

Youth Working Group envisions to facilitate youth engagement with the World House Project, provide a platform for youth to voice their perspectives, understand how youth is experiencing the world and identify the youth led projects which have a prospect of high impact and find ways to document and collect learnings from them.

The Dais

The Dais started its journey in 2014 with a vision to empower and build leadership with children and youth and towards community development. The Dais team has worked with youth, leading educational institutions, international agencies, community based organisations, industry and government bodies on several initiatives  towards the achievement of sustainable development goals and a better life for all.


Pre-Summit Workshop

10th - 11th September 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Orientation on Summit Engagement and Understanding Nonviolence

Workshop on Nonviolence

4th - 5th October 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Deep-dive into understanding nonviolence, peace and change

Artistic Performances for Peace

2nd - 7th October 2022

07.30 PM IST / 10.00 AM EST / 04.00 PM CET

Exploring the Role of Arts in Nonviolence and Peace

Youth Assembly on Nonviolence

2nd - 3rd October 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Youth coming together for a Declaration on Nonviolence

Youth Co-creation Session

6th - 7th October 2022

08.00 PM IST / 10.30 AM EST / 4.30 PM CET

Designing a youth led strategy on nonviolence and youth development

Follow Up Actions to the Summit

November 2022 Onwards

The Movement and Community to take shape



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