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Youth Co-creation Session on Nonviolence

A cohort of Youth leaders will work over a one-month period to brainstorm, collaborate with each other, and connect with experts in devising a Strategy document that seeks to address violence and its manifestations in society. 

Upon completion of the event, the participants will be expected to share a plan of action envisaging a self-led project which seeks to implement any Youth-led Strategy and receive advisory inputs from The World House Project. 

Through active feedback and networking, the Co-creation session hopes to inculcate pragmatic thinking and an increased awareness among the Youth regarding their potential as initiators of peaceful action. 

Thus, the Co-creation session aims to fulfill the essence of The Turning Point Summit, 2022 by enabling the Youth to create meaningful change within themselves and their communities.


Pre - Session Workshop
27th - 28th August

Co-creation Session 1
6th October

Co-creation Session 2
7th October



  • To enable the participants to go beyond ideation towards action and develop a project which aligns with their idea. 

  • To foster leadership and enable holistic thinking on violence and nonviolence. 

  • To encourage the participants to act responsibly in line with the values of global citizenship.

  • To create and support a community of Young changemakers, committed to the cause of nonviolence, seeking to generate long-lasting and positive impact.

  • To highlight the importance of working collectively, consensus building, and inclusivity in redressing problems that beset humanity.


  • A concrete Strategy Document, which will serve as a blueprint for future call to action on themes of nonviolence. 

  • 20 project ideas to be implemented seeking from the Strategy document.

  • Formation of effective linkages between Youth Leaders and experts.

  • Establish and foster a Co-Creation Community of Youth leaders who will expand and implement ideas from active engagement and networking.

  • Enable understanding and relationship building amongst all the Youth Leaders which will act as a foundation for social cohesion.

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