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Partner with us!

You can collaborate with the Turning Point Summit 2023 is several ways:

  • Strategic and Associate Partners

Partners involved in co-creating and leading multiple events and supporting the larger movement, designated by Powered /Co-Hosted/ In Association with phrases in the event title.


  • Regional Partners

Partners leading the regional outreach for the Summit as well as follow up actions from the summit.


  • Knowledge, Impact & Action Partners

Partners working on knowledge creation, mobilizing action initiatives and amplifying the learning impact of the movement


  • Media Partners

Partners working with the movement on various media platforms and channels for showcasing the voices, insights, opinions and conclusions as well as enabling more people to know and join the festival.

  • Youth Partners

Partners leading the youth engagement in the Festival led by Youth


  • Art & Cultural Partners

Partner leading cultural initiatives, bringing together artists globally


  • Global & Regional Change-makers

Partners inspiring the world and their settings through their individual and collective leadership aligned on the vision of the Festival


  • Funding Partners

Partners leading the financial resource mobilization and support for the Movements and Events.

Thanks for submitting!

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